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While most companies that clean tile floors and grout use acids and other harsh chemicals to achieve the appearance of clean, OxyCleanFresh® brings a natural and healthy alternative (no acids or petroleum chemicals) without compromising cleaning effectiveness. Removing dirt is their objective. Our objective is to remove dirt and to leave a beautiful fresh healthy floor for you to enjoy. Our tile & grout cleaning service is simply superior to other methods. Call and schedule your cleaning today! OxyCleanFresh® leaves your floors deep cleaned and fresh.


Why your floors need an OxyCleanFresh® scrubbing.

Bleach is one of the most common cleaning chemicals used to “whiten” things, so you might be tempted to use it to whiten stained tile grout, travertine or marble. While chlorine bleach does a great job whitening your floors, it is nearly impossible to flush out completely after you use it. Bleach is a gaseous compound when left at room temperature, which can create toxins.

When breathed it can cause all kinds of issues such as birth defects, respiratory problems (asthma, chronic bronchitis), effects on the immune system causing inflammation which facilitates infection, headaches and more. The chlorine bleach that stays behind not only becomes gaseous but will continue to work and corrode your stone floors and grout over time. This is why you will notice your grout yellowing and showing cracks throughout. Many floor cleaning companies use muriatic acids to avoid using bleach.However, using these harsh chemicals (aside from the environmental and skin contact issues) is the destructive effects to the grout itself. Grouts are cement based and can also be eroded by acidic compounds. OxyCleanFresh® Green Floor Cleaning uses natural solutions to clean and whiten your tile & grout and other stone floors like travertine and marble.

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Grout is very porous and rough to the touch, which makes it a challenge to clean. Dirty grout is packed with dirt, grit, mold, mildew, food particles and other nasties. When cleaning grout, powerful chemicals that are harsh to people and pets are typically used to extract the grime that embeds itself into its porous surface. OxyCleanFresh® uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that removes bacteria, mold, pollen, mildew and all those nasties from your grout.

Molds and mildews can be of health concern when allowed to fester in your home floors and fabrics like carpet, rugs and upholstery. They can become environments for bacterial growth and it is vital to control them in order to achieve a healthy home environment. As the grout in your floor becomes dirty over time you can become visually accustomed to its graying, which can tend to get away from you and can cause health issues, especially in the young and elderly, as well as our pets which are very close to these surfaces.

OxyCleanFresh® not only cleans your grout and removes these household enemies, it also inhibits their growth for longer period of time than other companies and methods.

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