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Keep your rugs Green!

5 Tips for green rugs

Maintaining your area rugs between professional cleanings whether they are regular or heirloom rugs can be a bit challenging. Here are some tips and information that will make it less of an ordeal for you. We recommend having regular type rugs professionally cleaned every 12-18 months and if they are in high traffic areas we recommend cleaning them every 6-12 months. For fine, oriental or heirloom rugs The Oriental Rug Importers of America’s recommends hand-made rugs be cleaned every two to four years.Rugs placed in high traffic areas, such as an entry hall, may need to be cleaned every year.Area rugs add color to an otherwise dull or plain area in your home or office space lack of maintenance will bring the drab back to your space. Area rugs also provide sound dampening through sound wave absorption balancing the noise in your home or office, making your environment more pleasant.

In a space with a lot of wood, stone or ceramic flooring you might consider laying down an area rug that will cover approximately 20-35% of hard surface flooring. While area rugs and carpet have many valuable benefits they require regular maintenance so that they function at full capacity.

Keep the following tips and ideas handy for easy reference when needed. While not exhaustive it will give you a good starting point to keeping your rugs clean, green and looking their best. If you have any questions in regards to home remedies for stain removal give us a call at 305.270.5310. Always there when you need us.

Vacuum Rugs Regularly.
Vacuuming once or twice weekly will remove most of the dry soil before it embeds into the fibers giving your rug a longer useful life. Eighty percent (80%) of soil in rugs is dry particulate matter. This matter acts as sandpaper and wears the rug prematurely giving your rug a gray traffic lane.

In-home cleaning
While renting a machine to clean your carpets may be cheaper it leaves soap, detergent and dirt residue in the rug that causes it’s rapid re-soiling. Also, trying to clean the fringes with these rental machines is deadly to your rug and floor. Since water and chemicals cannot be thoroughly extracted mildew/mold may grow on the floor and cause damage. Your valuable rugs should always be taken out of the home and cleaned by a professional company that specializes in Oriental/Fine rug cleaning like OxyCleanFresh®.

Some helpful items

If you have ever spilled wine on your rug you know how frustrating it can be to pick up and clean the spill. Accidental spills need to be addressed immediately. But, DO NOT USE over-the-counter spotters found in drug, grocery, and home improvement stores. These spotters are too aggressive and can leave irreversibly discolored areas.

Instead, use cold water or club soda as an emergency measure (remember DAB DAB DAB no scrubbing).Coarse salt: is good for extracting wine from your carpet or rugs. White vinegar: can help in neutralizing pet urine, vomit and other bio-nasties until a professional can clean the rug.

Keep some helpful tools and natural solutions around to help in the clean up of spills, urine, vomit and other nasties.
kosher-saltkosher salt
white-towelclean towel
club-sodaclub soda
white vinegarwhite vinegar
spray-bottlewater bottle
toothbrushtooth brush
baby-wipesbaby wipes

Pad your rugs
Rug padding provides a protective layer between your rug and the floor. A pad helps minimize slippage, increases the life of the rug, makes the rug feel thicker and more luxurious, smoothes out irregularities in the floor, and absorbs noise. All pads are not created equal. The best pads for hardwood floors are made with a layer of synthetic felted material on the topside with a rubber coating on the bottom. The type of pad we recommend depends on the surface that the pad will be laid upon. A proper-size pad should be cut two inches narrower than the width of the rug and two inches shorter than the length, not including the fringe.

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This article is meant to guide you in caring for your rug(s). Rug thickness, fiber length and usage are just some of the considerations in deciding when to have your rugs professionally cleaned. Rugs that are thick, may require cleaning more frequently since soils will tend to become deeply embedded making it impossible to remove completely. When rugs are placed or stored in dark humid areas moths and or carpet beetles can find their way into your valuable rug. Insects are more likely to attack wool rugs that are dirty. Beware of any rug salesman who tells not to ever have your rug cleaned. This is code for, “the rug will not withstand cleaning due to condition, foundation “painting,” or other hidden defects.
Ask us about our green stain protector it goes along way in protecting the value of your rug.

Our OCF Fabric Protection is Woolsafe® approved.