A clean home is healthy!

Way to start your spring cleaning

Spring is the season for cleaning. Begin with a professional cleaning of all your fabrics, which have been attracting and absorbing pollen, grit, dust, and other air borne particles over the winter/holidays. healthy-clean-fr-sm-600 Fabrics like carpeting, area rugs, upholstery, window dressings are important in your home since they are doing the job of filtering and maintaining your indoor air quality (IAQ), keeping you and your family healthier. A clean home creates an pleasant environment to live and work in. Clean carpet, rugs and upholstery eliminate much of the odors and stale air in your home environment.

Rugs and carpet are a good choice for a healthy home

Regular maintenance of carpets and upholstery is key in making a home healthy. Poor (IAQ) indoor air quality is responsible for many illnesses and maladies. Having your carpet, rugs and upholstery professionally cleaned by Oxycleanfresh® on a annual basis, helps to maintain a good IAQ, by removing bio-pollutants, dust mites, soils, pollen, etc. you and your family will breathe better and be healthier. Rugs and carpet are the best flooring choice for a healthy home.

Carpet has amazing properties that owners are generally unaware of. Carpet is a filter that can maintain your home (IAQ) indoor air quality clean and virtually dust free.

How does it work? The static property in carpet and large fabrics in your home generate a magnetic field (static electricity) that pulls dust, pollen and other airborne particles into itself. No other floor covering has this amazing feature. Carpet’s amazing ability to filter your air is how your IAQ can make the most significant gains. Regular cleaning will help the carpet and upholstery be more effective.







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